Finding your happiness ?

Posted by Shalena Nash on

Ok......Let's address the question mark. It's simple, today we really can tell if we have truly found our happiness. Often, we end up thinking the possessions, circumstances, or people in our life creates happiness. You know.......the feel good chemical.......endorphin's, releases and you totally feel nothing but goodness and warmth! Nowadays, we can't tell reality from fantasy! Finding true happiness is within yourself first. Be proud of whom you are. You know the saying "if you are a ditch digger be the best ditch digger of all times". So apply this in everything that you do! Put your best foot forward and start walking! Second, find peace with the small things in life. Take an eye on nature walks, enjoys the sounds of birds chirping ,seeing flowers that bloomed or clouds passing. Breath in deep and exhale.....relinquishing all bad thoughts. Third, don't forget to sleep! Yes sleep! Adults need 6-10 hours of sleep each day. The whole bit about older people needing less is a myth. Listen to your body instead of scientists. Try these three things daily, make it a goal to be happy (realistic goals) instead of seeking happiness (fantasy & unrealistic expectations).

"To be happy is a great decision"

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